My favorite little farm on Zenith Road had another great saying posted last week.

A rumor is as hard to un-spread as butter.

A quick search online came up with a bunch of “anonymous” listings of this statement//quote.  I don’t know who originally stated it, but if you know please let me know.

I thought I would test the saying.  Cold butter spread on cold bread, went on smooth, but wouldn’t come all the way off the bread no matter how hard I tried.  I ended up eating a piece of bread that resembled a large slice of swiss cheese.

We can all think of how this saying is reflected in our words spread around at work, with friends, or people we know.  But if we look deeper, in our social media age, the term “rumor” could be replaced with a status update.  In this time of political and social turmoil the Status Update has become the most influential and widely spread “rumor mill” in our society.  A status update is as hard to un-post as butter.  Totally makes sense now.

The question I find myself puzzling over: For what reason do we find it important to post our inner most thoughts on a public site that was originally designed to help us share life and stay in touch?

Might I propose that the thing we desire most, that we thought social media might solve for us but hasn’t, is that we just want to know we are being heard (maybe the same can be said for blogging, I don’t deny this).  But instead of making sure we have time to sit and talk with one another face to face we post our feelings in the most unemotional way possible…which ironically usually causes the most emotive responses in disagreement or agreement, often vehemently.

I reflect back to an earlier post in which I call out the unintended consequences of social media.  But even those whom I consider insightful friends, with whom I can have fantastic conversations and even dive into potentially divisive topics, these people can be drug into this status update rumor mill of the 21st century.

Beware that what you post on social media is as potentially igniting as a rumor or misspoken fact.  It can quickly spread and will remain forever, even when you think it is deleted, it will be there…somewhere.

A social media post is as hard to un-post as butter is to un-spread.  Post wisely my friends.


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One reply on “A Rumor Once Spread…”

  1. I’m not perfect, but I believe that the Rotary 4 Way Test is a good rule of thumb for social media.
    1. Is it the Truth?
    2. Is if Fair to all concerned?
    3. Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
    4. Is it Beneficial to all concerned?

    (Hey, I actually did that from memory!)

    Great words,Nathan!!

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