I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a Purveyor of People.  Truthfully the noun Purveyor does not usually work with subjects as broad as People.  Standard definitions align a Purveyor as “a person who sells or deals in particular goods or a person or group that spreads or promotes an idea, view, etc” (google definition).  But it is in the second part of the definition that I find the most sense in the idea, or goal, of being a Purveyor of People.

Purveyor: …a person or group that spreads or promotes an idea, view, etc.

Finding the best in people is something I really like doing.  Helping them become their best is something that brings me the most joy for others.  So to know that I can help others grow and excel, then send them off with support and encouragement into the world where they will spread their knowledge and abilities within their communities…this is a high call and a strong goal.  This is being a Purveyor of People.

The challenge is observing, through watching and listening, and interacting to find the talents that are, and are not, known to the individual themselves.  Then aligning the observed behavior and potential with projects and opportunities/challenges that allow them to grow in a nurtured and secure way.  Once they have achieved all that I can help them achieve in the allotted time we have they strike out to the new area and location of their calling.  Sometimes that means pushing them onto the next opportunity so they do not become stagnant in their current role, sometimes it means helping them be more aware of opportunities they may have never thought of.  But each time, no matter what, it means cheering them on and always being available to help them along the journey no matter how many years have passed.

If this idea rings true to you, or if you find it flawed, I would love some feedback.  As far as I can think through the process and the outcome, being a Purveyor of People is a title I still aspire to.

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